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Ergonomics at work !

First of all a definition is needed, what does "ergonomics" mean; from the Greek ergon (work) and nόmos (law), is a discipline that studies the interactions between Man in activity and the components of this activity, with the aim of developing systems that allow to work in optimal conditions of efficiency, safety and comfort.

  1. Back pain at the end of the day?

Ergonomics is a set of factors and the chair is one of them. Many chairs on the market today boast of being ergonomic. Just be aware that when you choose a chair, you will have to sit on it for much longer than the 10 minutes recommended by the seller. If, despite this, you have bought a chair that does not suit you or if you do not want to invest in an ergonomic chair, which is often quite expensive, you should know that you can customize it to your liking.

The main goal is to feel comfortable when you are sitting, your lumbar vertebrae should be supported, your upper back should be straight and your neck should be in the right position. Try to integrate a cushion at the level of your lumbar if it can help you have a straight back. The lower part of the body is too often neglected, but heavy legs at the end of the day are synonymous with too much pressure on the vessels at the back of the thighs. This can be corrected with a footrest. You don't have to invest yet, but you can take any object to simulate a footrest; I personally use my yoga brick!

2. Stiff neck?

Do you feel the urge to stretch your neck during the day? This is probably due to the fact that you have been straining your neck too much to see your screen which was located too low or too far away. In this case, to compensate, you get into the habit of pulling on your neck to see your screen. Only in the long run, this neck pain will become more and more uncomfortable and will certainly lead to consultations with an osteopath.

You must therefore raise your screen so that your eyes can see the screen without straining your neck. Observe a sufficient distance of 50 to 85 cm to avoid tiring your eyes. If the characters are too small, do not hesitate to increase the size of the characters directly on your screen rather than physically bringing your screen closer. This will spare your eyesight.

3. Tightness in the shoulder to the forearm ?​

I regularly see people with elbows or even forearms in the void, which at the end of the day will involve intense pain in the shoulder going up to the cervicals. The solution would be to position part of your forearm on the table or on the armrests of your chair if it has them.

If your wrists hurt, all you need is an ergonomic keyboard that allows your wrists to tilt naturally and an ergonomic mouse. The major computer brands are offering more and more of them, so it's up to you to see what suits you.

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