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Small spaces

What I love is when I look on the internet to see how to set up my home office and I come across these kinds of photos...

or this...

Seriously ??

It is well known that we all have a huge house or a 300 square meters flat...

Really! Interior designers, your pictures don't touch most of us. Let's be honest, we're unfortunately set up like this...

So, how do you feel about these pics, you say to yourself:

- "my interior is overcrowded and too small" as a feel guilty...

- "I would like an extra room for an office because I don't have the space to put an desk in my bedroom or living room"...solution...I have to move to the countryside with the whole family because extra square meters in town are too expensive

But your deepest desire is not to turn your whole life and that of your family upside down, because you like living in the city for all the advantages it brings.

You just don't want to continue working in the middle of your living room or bedroom and constantly see your screen, cables lying around that don't allow you to make a break from your professional life.

So here is the solution to your problem!

Do not hesitate to contact me via the form to get to know me :) but also to understand your needs!

See you soon!

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