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Integrate elegance
to your decoration with our refined, discreet and customizable wall secretary

Equip your workspace with elegance thanks to our top-of-the-range office furniture, designed with top-quality materials for optimal comfort and maximum durability.

Come and discover the wall secretary
right where it's designed to be.

To help you better understand the many possibilities offered by this innovative piece of furniture, we invite you to make an appointment via the link below.

During this one-to-one meeting, you'll be able to discover the various customisation options, the high-quality materials we use, and receive expert advice on choosing the model that's perfect for your needs and style.

They talked about us

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Let's make together your elegant and harmonious wall secretary according to your interior.

Refined customizable choices to create a product exclusive

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Creation "Swiss Made"

Our heart goes out to Swiss craftsmanship, whose quality and precision we value.

This local approach also allows us to meet our partners and our customers in order to value the human and the exchange.

We thus favor the short circuit. 


Refined customization

We work to make the customization of your custom wall desk look like you. 

We've gone after high quality options as well as a catalog of artists who enjoy collaborating with us to make your flip desk print unique.


Ergonomic space

We understand how important ergonomics in your work environment are for our physical health. 

So we went to ask health professionals to ensure you unparalleled comfort using our foldable desk. 


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Tasse de boisson et un ordinateur portable



Come and spend a day working on the wall secretary in the co-working space
Gotham Flon in Lausanne

Rue du Port-Franc 22,


Testimonials from our clients

Totally won over!

"After 2 months of use, we're still delighted with our wall-mounted desk.
There are 2 of us working at home, with a single desk in one bedroom.

Before, one of us had to make do with the dining table, with neck pain and the need to put everything away in the evening.

Now we have a very spacious table top, a real screen at the right distance for our eyes and, thanks to the customised settings, no more back strain!

All you have to do in the evening is close the desk.

Its design, the materials used and the photo printing all contribute to the aesthetics of our living room and make a great impression on our guests. Last but not least, the customer service is top notch: Sophie was with us every step of the way to make sure everything went smoothly. We can't recommend The All in enough!"

Séverine & Julien B., St-Saphorin

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Modern and elegant design

Handy for saving space in a room or adding a touch of style to your home decor.

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3D images by dix-sept.

Installation by professionals

Professionals have the expertise to install your wall secretary safely and efficiently.

They know the safety standards depending on the type of wall you have,

this will guarantee an installation that complies with current standards.

We work in collaboration with professionals to offer you a complete service. Our team of professionals ensures the delivery and assembly of your wall secretary.

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fitters lifting a wall secretary
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Contact us

Contact us via this form.

We will respond to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for what you sent !

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