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How to set up an office in the bedroom?

As explained in the article "How to fit an office in a small space" it is important to understand where the office should be installed.

Certain rules must be respected, notably from the point of view of luminosity, the location of the desk for a fluid circulation in your bedroom or even the rendering so that the desk remains harmonious in your bedroom decoration.

Let's look at these different points together

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In ergonomics it is very clearly explained that your desk should be located parallel to a window.

If you are facing a window you will most likely be dazzled at some point during the day by the brightness of the sun and you will feel uncomfortable when viewing your screen.

If, on the other hand, your back is to a window, this brightness will create a reflection on your screen, which will certainly darken it. Your vision of the screen will therefore be difficult.

The location of the desk in the bedroom

The exercise in the previous article "How to set up an office in a small space" will help you define a location.

It is recommended that you identify this location and then put painter's tape on the floor to clearly delimit this space.

You will be able to imagine that this space will be dedicated to your office for a week at the most, but above all, go around it when you move around the room to understand whether this space on the floor will allow for a smooth passage in your room.

Harmonious office environment

Apart from the location and the light, the important question is whether your office will fit in perfectly with your interior design.

An open office can be very unsightly, especially in a bedroom where the desire to relax is paramount.

When linking work and rest in the same room, it is important to think about these questions:

- "does having my desk in my room mean that my first sight when I wake up will be an open desk?"

- "the cables and various connections will be lying around all the time and generating dust, will I be disturbed by this sight?"

All these questions are important to ask before buying a desk.

Well-being and comfort are just as important in the purchase of a desk as these other points, which is why they will be covered in a later article.

In the meantime, come and discover the space-saving, elegant and customisable wall secretary.

Comfort has never been so elegant

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