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Hybrid work ?

Yes, but not in any way!

I'm going to talk to you today about an exciting topic that the pandemic has raised.

The relationship between the employee and the manager. I find it very interesting to realise that many companies are now going backwards in terms of hybrid or teleworking.

I have read articles on LinkedIn and in the press about this, but I am convinced that an essential part is missing from the analysis.

Companies are going backwards because they realise that the characteristics of the face-to-face manager are not the same as those of the hybrid manager.

But is it the solution to bring everyone back to the office when we see more and more that employees appreciate their new flexibility?

No, this is clearly not the solution now that companies are realising that they need to train all their managers in a different way of managing their employees.

There are two solutions for these companies:

  1. either they decide to go back to their old ways and tell themselves that everything will be fine - that's what we call sticking their heads in the hole

  2. or they question themselves and understand that real support for managers is going to be essential for the sustainability of their business.

I understand that adapting is not easy, especially when you have always worked in one way, and humans do not like change...except for me! 😄

But this passage is essential and it has to be put in place little by little.

The world of work has been turned upside down with the pandemic anyway now the real question is whether we want to :

  1. to rally to the same cause and work together on a common future

  2. or if we prefer to bury our heads in the sand and wait to see what happens

The future will tell...

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