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Mental workload related to home office

But what are we talking about here?

Home office has accentuated something that already existed, namely the mental load linked to work.

Before, it stopped at the door of the company, sometimes it was brought back home via our smartphones (direct access to company emails), a real pain!

But home office has brought it back in force to our homes, to our cocoons, and with violence.


By means of an open office that is permanently in front of our eyes, either in our living room or bedroom for the less fortunate.

Did you know that the mere sight of a screen, keyboard or laptop can open up boxes in your brain that you thought were closed for the day?

It is essential to make a real break between your professional and private life in the evening.

Don't neglect your sanity by thinking that even if your desk is tidy and you see it you won't think about your to-do list for tomorrow.

Catch yourself thinking about this, as soon as you see your desk in your home. What are you thinking about at that very moment?

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