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Why create a comfortable space when working from home?

Working from home can be divisive, there are those who are completely against it and those who like the flexibility it offers logistically.

However, what is often overlooked is the need for a comfortable place to work, and one that is set up in such a way that you will want to work there.

The comfort of a workplace, even at home and even for 2 days a week, is essential for your productivity, physical and moral well-being.

Why, you may ask ?

Let's take an example, imagine you have a small office where you don't have the space to put a screen in addition to your laptop.

All day long, your gaze is permanently directed downwards at your laptop, only at the end of the day your neck is tense.

You are sitting with your elbows in the air because your desk is too small.
At the end of the day, this will inevitably lead to shoulder pain.

Finally, you have the window in your back, which does not allow you to see your screen clearly, so you work in the dark to avoid reflections.

Finally, you are forced to plug in an extension cord across the room to charge your laptop, getting tangled up in cables.

All of these events will affect your work productivity because you will only be focused on these issues rather than on your work.

As a result, you will lose time and productivity.

Neglecting the way you are set up at home, even for 2 days a week, will diminish your experience of working in your cocoon, and this is only because of an incidental set up.

What are the benefits of creating a comfortable working space ?

When you are seated in an ergonomic and functional way you feel good in your body which allows you to concentrate more.

This physical well-being allows you to refocus despite the events around you that may distract you.

This comfortable space will be dictated by the space you have for your computer equipment, notebook, telephone and the height of your seat.

The height of your desk and your seat are essential to your comfort.
A table that is too high will not allow you to put your feet on the floor, which will be very tiring for your legs.
Conversely, a table that is too low will encourage poor back posture, having to bend forward to view your screen.

All these details have been carefully studied by The All-In to ensure that you have an ergonomic and ultra-comfortable workplace at home.

Did you know that The All-In's expertise is also reflected in the ergonomics of our top-of-the-line wall secretary?

We have validated the ergonomic points with a health professional to ensure that your working days at home will be a unique experience of comfort.

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